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C V Joints
Cable & Hose Handling Eqpt & Systems
Cable Accessories
Cable Fault Finding &/or Locating
Cable Jointing
Cable Laying Contractors
Cable Mfrs & Suppliers
Cafes & Tearooms
Calculating & Adding Machines & Supplies
Calendar Mfrs & Supplies
Call Centres
Camera Rentals
Camera Repairs
Camping Eqpt
Camping Eqpt - Hire
Candle Mfrs
Candy Floss Machines
Cane Furniture & Basketware
Canvas Mfrs
Cap Mfrs
Car & Camper Hire
Car Care Products
Car Radios
Car Rental
Car Sales
Car Sound & Security
Caravan Hire
Caravan Parks
Caravan Repairs & Re-Modelling
Caravans & Motorised Homes
Carbon Products
Cards - Plastic
Career &/or Vocational Guidance
Cargo Lashdown Systems
Carpet & Roof Cleaning
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Machines
Carpet Cleaning & Services
Carpet Consultants
Carpet Dealers
Carpet Gripper Mfrs
Carpet Layers
Carpet Mfrs
Carpet Protectors, Renovators & Repairs
Carpets - Persian & Oriental
Cartage & Transport Contractors
Carton Dealers - Cardboard (Secondhand)
Cash Loans
Cash n Carry Store
Cash Registers
Cast Iron
Casting Agents
Castors & Wheels
Catalogue Compilers
Caterers Eqpt & Supplies
Catering Eqpt - Hire
Catering Staff - Hire
Ceiling Materials
Cellular Telephone Shops
Cellular Telephones - Accessories
Cellular Telephones - Installations
Cellular Telephones - Repairs
Cellular Telephones - Screen Messaging &/or Logos
Cement & Concrete Technologists
Cement Mfrs & Suppliers
Ceramic Products
Cereal Mfrs
Chain Saws
Chains - Link (Welded)
Chains - Transmission
Char Services
Chassis Modifications &/or Straightening
Chauffeur Services
Chemical Consultants
Chemical Plant Eqpt
Chemicals - Agents
Chemicals - Cleaning
Chemicals- Mfrs & Supplies
Chemists - Mfrs & Wholesale
Cheque - Book Printers
Chickens - Retail
Children Amusement Centre
Children Day Care
Chimney Stacks
Chimney Sweeps
Chips - Potatoe
Christmas Decorations & Novelties
Cigarette & Cigar Lighters
Cigarette Mfrs & Wholesalers
Cinema & Theatre Seats - Reservations
Cinema Screens
Circuit Breakers
Civil Engineering Consultants
Civil Engineering Contractors
Civil Engineering Supplies
Cleaning & Polishing Materials & Supplies
Cleaning Cloths
Cleaning Eqpt
Cleaning Services
Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning Systems
Clinics - Medical
Clock Components
Clock Repairs
Close Corporation Registration
Closed Circuit tv (CCTV) Systems & Eqpt
Cloth Cutting & Drilling Machines
Cloth Mfrs - Cotton
Clothes - Second Hand
Clothing - Outsize
Clothing - Repairs
Clothing - Traditional
Clothing Accessories Mfrs
Clothing Hire
Clothing Mfrs
Clothing Mfrs & Distributors - Children &Teenagers
Clothing Mfrs & Distributors - Ladies
Clothing Mfrs & Distributors - Mens
Clothing Mfrs Eqpt
Clothing Retailers
Clubs - Cultural, Social & Hobby
Clubs - Recreation
Clutch & Brake Cables
Clutch Repairs
Co operative Societies
Coal Merchants - Wholesale
Coal, Coke & Wood
Coding Eqpt
Coffee - Retail
Coffee Machines
Coffee Processors & Distributors
Coffee Shops
Coffin Mfrs
Coin Dealers
Coin, Note Counting & Wrapping Machines
Cold Rooms - Mfrs
Cold Storage
Colleges - Academic, Commercial & Technical
Commercials - Radio & Television
Commodity Brokers
Communication Consultants
Communication Systems
Community Centres
Community Development
Compact Discs
Compactors - Hire
Compactors - Waste
Company Secretaries
Compost Suppliers
Compressed Air Drying Eqpt
Compressors - Hire
Computer - Cabinets
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Computer Aided Mfrg (CAM)
Computer Cleaning Services
Computer Consultants
Computer Data Processing
Computer Data Recovery
Computer Eqpt &Peripherals-Mfrs, Distrs &Retailers
Computer Eqpt Repairs
Computer I.T. Outsourcing
Computer Leasing / Rental
Computer Media Storage
Computer Moving & Transporting
Computer Multi - Media
Computer Networking
Computer Networking Supplies
Computer Sales - Hardware & Software & Supplies
Computer Schools & Training
Computer Secondhand
Computer Services & Maintenance
Computer Site Preparation & Maintenance
Computer Software &/or Development
Computer Software &/or Software Solutions
Computer Stationery
Computer Supplies & Accessories
Computers on Board for Vehicle / Trucks
Concrete - Prestressed
Concrete - Ready-Mix
Concrete Admixtures
Concrete Construction &/or Forms & Accessories
Concrete Cutting & Drilling
Concrete Floors/ Slabs
Concrete Mixers &/or Machinery
Concrete Mixers For Hire
Concrete Product Mould &/or Machinery
Concrete Repairs
Concrete Technologists
Concrete Walls & Products
Condensers - Liquid & Vapour
Conditioning Montitoring Eqpt
Conduits & Conduit Fittings (Electric)
Conference &/or Function Venues
Construction - Timber And Steel
Construction Eqpt
Construction Plans
Consulates & Embassies
Consumer Organisations
Container - Conversions, Rentals & Sales
Container (Freight & Tranport) Mfrs
Container Accessories & Liners
Container Handling Eqpt
Containerised Freight, Depots & Transport Service
Containers - Corrugated
Containers - Plastic
Control Eqpt
Convalescent Homes
Conveyor Belt Repairs & Eqpt
Cookery Instructions
Cooling Towers
Copiers & Copiers Supplies & Services
Copying Service
Copyright Agents
Cores - Cardboard
Cork Products
Corporate Clothing
Corporate Gifts
Corporate Identity Consultants
Correspondence Colleges
Corrosion Control
Corrugated Fasteners
Cosmetic Mfrs & Distributors
Cosmetics - Retail
Cottage Furniture & Porcelain
Counselling Services
Courier Services
Covers - Books, Catalogue, Etc
Craft Shop
Cranes - Repairs
Cranes Hire
Creches, Educare & Pre-Primary
Credit Cards
Credit Control
Credit Management
Cricket Coaching
Crisis Centres
Crockery - Retail
Crockery Mfrs
Crockery Wholesale
Crocodile Farms
Crop Protection
Cruises - Pleasure
Crushed Stone
Crushing & Screening Eqpt
Crystal Retailers
Curio &/or African Art Dealers - Retail
Curio Dealers - Wholesale
Curriculum Vitae Services
Curtain Cleaning, Repairs & Alterations
Curtain Rail & Fittings Mfrs
Curtain Rails & Fittings - Retail
Curtain, Linen And Cell Centre
Curtaining Mfrs & Wholesalers
Curtains & Pelmets & Loose Covers
Customs Clearing, Shipping & Forwarding
Cut, Make & Trim
Cutlery Mfrs
CV,Brake and Clutch
Cycle Dealers - Retail
Cycle Dealers - Wholesale
Cycle Repairs

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